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Introducing LiquidHIE

For effective clinical decision making, physicians need timely access to patient health information. LiquidHIE’s solution delivers all of this and more.

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LMO News Alert! Medicare Stimulus Check……you've MISSED IT!

If you haven't already applied and attested, you've missed the deadline to qualify for the $18,000 check. Don't miss the boat entirely, though. Contact us ASAP and we'll help you apply/qualify for the remaining stimulus funds.

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Obamacare Supreme Court Decision - The recent landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold Obamacare will certainly not end the political squabbling over its virtues or its vices. There will certainly be attempts by Republicans to overturn the law in Congress or, at the very least, reduce its scope.

Recommended LEMR Back up strategy Do you know where your EMR backup saved? Do you know how often it is saved and what happens if it dies? Do you know if it indeed did back up your EMR? Have you ever tried to restore your EMR backup?

Security and Privacy Insuring patient privacy and security of ePHI through rigid adherence to HIPAA and CMS guidelines.

What is HIE?

Health information exchange (HIE) is a secure electronic exchange of health information among authorized healthcare network to improve safety, efficiency, and continuity of care.

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LiquidEMR & Practice Management

LiquidEMR is designed by medical office professionals, physicians and data management experts with over 20 years experience in document imaging technology.

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NCA Northern Cal Advantage Medical Group

Our Work

Health information exchange participation actually promotes many of the meaningful use requirements that physicians must meet in order to qualify for federal stimulus funds.

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