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LiquidEMR | Lab HL7 Interface

Get access to electronic lab, pathology, radiology, consultation reports and more from the following:

support Dictation
LiquidEMR works with Tradecom, a dedicated and professional medical transcription provider, to improve template-based documentation.

Simply add dictation by inserting the dictation/MIC icon to any part of your template. LiquidEMR automatic sweeps the system for dictation, send it to Tradecom, and place the transcribed text back into the patient's chart – all of this is done overnight.

intergrated faxing solution (add-on):
LiquidEMR seamlessly integrate the ActiveFax client, a fully automated fax and email solution, into its EMR system. This fully HIPAA compliant solution allows medical practices to send and receives faxes from any workstation.

The benefits of an electronic fax server include:
  • Quickly and easily file faxes directly into the patient’s chart
  • Review, edits and sign documents before sending it out
  • Maximal efficiency and document security
  • Fast, reliable and secure information exchange and access

community interace:
LiquidEMR Community Feature allows controlled sharing of medical records between clients of Liquid EMR software.

How does it work?

The participating clinic must opt-in for the sharing to occur. Opt-in means that authorized member can view medical records of their shared-patients, send medical records and messages to each other. A shared-patient means both the source clinic and the requesting clinics must share the same patient. A clinic cannot browse other patients of another clinic, nor can it access any charts outside of the shared-patient charts. The scope of medical records being shared is controlled by the source clinic. The source clinic may restrict the view to a few specific folders such as Lab or X-ray, in addition, a specific list of the files within each folder. Furthermore, the source clinic can fine-tune that view by excluding certain type of files for any folder.