Liquid Medical Office, Inc.

LiquidEMR | Electronic Prescription

Liquid Medical Office, Inc. provides an integrated, user-friendly ePrescribing solution. This feature is included at no additional charge for users who subscribe to our LEMR v.3.0.

ePrescribing Features:

  • Improved Patient Safety —Comprehensive medication information, including Drug/Drug and Drug/Allergy interactions
  • eRx Refill—Supports quick and accurate drug refills. Reduce time-consuming refill request phone calls.
  • Quick and Simple Process - Prescribe at the point of care, directly from the patient chart; no switching programs, applications, or devices. e-Prescribing is built-in and integrated with LiquidEMR v.3.0 .
  • Automatically updates patient's current medication list.
  • Comprehensive managed care formulary