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LiquidHIE | Physician Network Solution

Optimizing the way information is gathered, stored, shared and used.

For effective clinical decision making, physicians need timely access to patient health information. In many cases, this involves information provided by other providers who have seen your patient on a referral basis. The HIE enables this secure collaboration and can drastically reduce the cycle times between the first encounter to the final diagnosis and treatment.

Liquid HIE’s solution delivers all of this and more. Through a common user interface, physicians can get complete access to diagnosis, medication history, known allergies, procedure reports and other documentation. Having this patient data readily available and stored securely online insures more informed decision making and, as a result, improved patient care.

A trusted network is essential for exchanging health information whether that exchange occurs through community-based clinics and hospitals or through other aggregations of physicians. LMO’s focus and commitment to our clients is always on providing the highest levels of quality and safety of patient information while insuring 24/7 accessibility.

We offer physicians:

  • Best of technology using a low cost application
  • Ongoing training and facilitation to maximize adoption and utilization

HIE Available Services

  • Secure clinical data access and exchange
  • Secure Messaging
  • Management and Consultation
  • Lab and Radiology portal interface
  • ePrescribing Interface
  • Clinical encounter
  • Clinical Metric collection
  • EHR/EMR and clinic interface

LiquidHIE prices starting at $199.99*

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