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in conjunction with California Pacific Medical Center. This is a medical collaboration at its best: basic, functional, small and altruistic. The board consists of twelve specialists (oncology, gastroenterology, etc…) meeting once a month to review and collaborate on the treatment and care of cancer patients and using our HIE as the medium. Once a transplant decision is made, the patient data are made available to CPMC for the treatment. CPMC supplies the treatment results and follow up data to the HIE.

Song Manh Hepatitis Registry
This is a health-faire outreach effort for the Vietnamese and Hispanic community in the South Bay area. At the health-faire, participants are registered via our HIE and are directed to a draw station for Hepatitis testing. The results are accumulated and analyzed for follow-up communication and care. There have been three health-faires over the past year.

Northern California Advantage IPA (in pilot)
This is a Medicare Advantage HMO targeting the Asian community in the South Bay area. Currently, there are about 180 physicians and 2000 members. The goals for this IPA in using our HIE are:

  • Elimination of duplicate orders
  • Improve workflow and standard of care. (Each treatment is panelized and standardized)
  • Improve patient quality of care via collaboration through availability of electronic medical data
  • Provide accessibility to patients to see their medical records
  • Reduce costs by prioritizing and streamlining lab and procedure orders
  • Enhance meaningful use for member providers by offering free electronic prescription capability